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Bed bug renters insurance – No renters insurance generally does not cover bed bug related damages. However there are a few state specific exceptions that i ll explain below.

If you have a situation where you discover you have bed bugs you might wonder if your renter s insurance covers bed bug infestation.

Bed bug renters insurance – Renters insurance protects the personal property of tenants who use home sharing services such as airbnb and those services have their own insurance policies too. Renters insurance provides coverage for sudden and accidental damage or incidents. If a qualified party such as a professional exterminator determines that you caused the infestation it s likely that you will be paying the costs of extermination out of your own pocket. Bed bug renters insurance

The reason bed bugs aren t covered is because pest extermination is considered routine maintenance. Some companies might offer bed bug insurance however this is a separate insurance policy from renters insurance. Bed bugs and other infestations take time to occur and may happen due to the insured s direct action. Bed bug renters insurance

However rare programs like jetty s renters insurance do exist. Renter s insurance like home and condo insurance covers sudden and accidental damages caused by insured perils. These riders usually cover treatment and remediation of bed bug infested rental units but not medical or legal liability due to injuries caused by bed bugs. Bed bug renters insurance

Bed bugs and home sharing services. These are the significant risks that cause damage well beyond what an individual could reasonably handle on their own. Renters insurance typically does not cover bed bugs or any other sort of pest infestation like termites or mice. Bed bug renters insurance

Why are bed bugs not covered by renters insurance. Renters insurance insures your personal belongings against covered perils such as fire hail and theft but bug infestations are generally excluded from cover. Some renters insurance providers offer endorsements or ridersthat offer limited coverage in the event of bed bug infestation. Bed bug renters insurance

Although a bed bug infestation may feel like sudden and accidental damage it is not covered by renter s insurance or by other home insurance. Here is what you need to know about bed bugs your insurance and what s covered or not. If you hire a professional exterminator who confirms that you have bed bugs jetty will offer 300 to offset the cost of treatment. Bed bug renters insurance

Except for specific bedbug insurance see the section below there are very few standard renters insurance policies covering bed bugs. Theft losses are covered. Personal property usually isn t covered either. Bed bug renters insurance

It requires one female bed bug that can lay eggs and thus infest the entire bed which takes well over a month to start affecting you. Bed bug infestations are not accidental though in the eyes of insurance companies. There s no coverage for rats bed bugs or infestations but there are plenty of things that renters insurance does cover. Bed bug renters insurance

Note that renters insurance typically will not pay for eradication of bed bugs or bed bug related damage. Fire losses are covered. Renters insurance is designed to cover sudden and direct losses. Bed bug renters insurance

Your friends are correct renters insurance doesn t cover bed bugs. Depending on what state or city you live in your landlord might be responsible for paying the cost of an exterminator to eliminate the bed bugs. However neither renters insurance policies nor any coverage provided by home sharing insurance policies cover bed bugs. Bed bug renters insurance

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