Differences In Credit Scores


Differences in credit scores – Fico credit scores fall into these five tiers. Fico and vantagescore credit scores range from 300 to 850 and group consumers by credit scoring ranges.

For example experian calculates your credit score with the data in your experian credit report.

Differences in credit scores – It s also possible the score the lender is using is based on all three of your credit reports. For example a fico score of 800 to 850 is considered exceptional however even if they use the same range and information from the same credit report each scoring model takes a unique approach that may result in a different score. That s why you may see different credit scores depending on which scoring model is used. Differences in credit scores

The national average fico credit score a c if you will is 695. The higher your score the better. However there may be score. Differences in credit scores

And because different credit scores have different ranges it s possible to have two different numbers that both indicate you are a good credit risk. While the range is the same fico and vantagescore have different categories. Experian is one of the big. Differences in credit scores

If the score you pulled is based on one credit report and the lender s is based on another there will be differences due to differences in data between the two reports. The most common scores range from 300 points to 850 points. Your scores can also differ depending on which consumer credit bureau report equifax experian or transunion the scoring model pulls your information from. Differences in credit scores

Most credit scores weigh the same factors such as payment history utilization rate length of credit history number of new inquiries and variety of credit products. The same is true of credit scores. Each credit bureau calculates your credit score with the data in its credit file. Differences in credit scores

If you re checking your credit score or credit report credit karma and experian are two names you ll likely come across. So if you have a collection account that appears on your transunion credit report but not on your experian credit report then your transunion credit score might be lower. The most current versions of the vantagescore 3 0 and 4 0 now have the same range as the fico score 300 to 850. Differences in credit scores

The three major credit bureaus created the vantagescorein 2006 as an alternative to the fico score to better address changes in behavioral trends and advances in data collection. In the case of fico scores if you consistently score above 800 it s like getting straight a s. All credit scores use the same information from your credit report but they treat the information slightly differently to meet the needs of the lender. Differences in credit scores

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