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Dog bite lawyer california – We are a nation of dog lovers. These little rascals can bring so much joy into our lives.

Phillips whom time magazine has called california s leading dog bite lawyer.

Dog bite lawyer california – To help you better understand california s dog bite law our california personal injury lawyers discuss the following faqs below. Whether you own a dog in california or have a claim for a dog bite or other injury you ll want to understand the state s laws on owners civil and criminal liability when their animals hurt someone or have been aggressive. California law permits people whose dog was attacked by another dog to sue for damages. Dog bite lawyer california

7031 koll center pkwy pleasanton ca 94566. He has earned tens of millions of dollars for dog bite victims and he doesn t get paid unless you win your case. Dog bites california dog bite lawyers at bisnar chase have been successfully winning dog bite cases for over 40 years. Dog bite lawyer california

If you are a dog bite victim get a free consultation from attorney kenneth m. Although california law explicitly holds a dog owner liable for any attack an experienced attorney is generally required to collect all that a victim is entitled to receive. Dog bites or bites from any other animals can result in serious injuries to children and adults alike. Dog bite lawyer california

But it is not california s dog bite statute civil code 3342 that applies in such cases. Around 85 million families in the us have a pet with the vast majority of these opting for man s best friend. Your personal injury lawyer for dog bites in california. Dog bite lawyer california

Our team of dedicated attorneys paralegals mediators insurance adjusters and other law firm legal staff have won over 650 million for our clients. While dogs are wonderful pets any breed can turn vicious and attack without provocation. Under california law section 3342 5 an owner of a dog who has previously bitten a person must take reasonable care to prevent future bites from occurring. Dog bite lawyer california

California sees more dog bite lawsuits than any other state. 1 our california dog bite attorneys assist victims across the state to file claims in dog bite and dog attack cases. Civil code 3342 does not extend protection to dogs who are attacked and injured by other dogs. Dog bite lawyer california

Once a dog has bitten a person on two separate occasions the district attorney will assess the situation and look at the circumstances to see if the dog owner took the appropriate steps to keep the dog away from others and prevent a dangerous situation from occurring. Read on for the details. Nearly 40 of california households have at least one pet pooch. Dog bite lawyer california

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