Georgia Car Insurance Rate


Georgia car insurance rate – Average cost of car insurance in georgia the average annual cost of car insurance in georgia is 1 127 22 according to the insurance information institute. The average car insurance rate in georgia is 1 865 a year 155 a month for full coverage for a driver age 30 according to an analysis of rates across the state.

The average car insurance cost in georgia is 1 388 per year less than the nationwide average by 2 8.

Georgia car insurance rate – By the time they reach their 30s most drivers will enjoy cheaper car insurance rates than in their teens and 20s. Here are average car insurance rates in georgia for three common coverage levels. Georgia ranks 13th in the nation for. Georgia car insurance rate

Cheapest for 30 year old drivers in georgia. That s 107 more annually than the national average 1 758. But car insurance premiums are affected by factors other than state lines. Georgia car insurance rate

Auto insurance premiums take into account myriad considerations such as one s age credit rating driving history gender and marital status. Georgia car insurance rate

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