Housing Loan At Pag Ibig


Housing loan at pag ibig – Active pag ibig member pag ibig i pag ibig ii or pinoy overseas program with at least 24 months contribution. The steps for the two are slightly different.

As low as 3 for low income earners and 5 375 from the previous 5 5 for regular housing loan borrowers in a 1 year fixed pricing period.

Housing loan at pag ibig – Source of pag ibig fund housing loan information tv ad radio ad pag ibig fund personnel flyer poster brochure employer newspaper magazine ad website agency pag ibig fund branch. How to apply to pag ibig housing loan. Retail or when the member applies directly to pag ibig. Housing loan at pag ibig

Or developer assisted in which a property developer shall assist and pre qualify the borrower and recommend loan structure suited for the borrower. Moti said that pag ibig will accept applications for its special housing loan restructuring program via virtual pag ibig to make it easier and safer for our borrowers there is no need to go to our branches anymore they can conveniently apply for the program from their homes moti explained. Pag ibig is offering a special low interest rate of 4 985 percent under a one year repricing period and a 5 375 percent interest per annum under a three year repricing period. Housing loan at pag ibig

There are two ways to apply for the housing loan. Specify real estate developer seller of the property. The promo rates reduced the agency s previous rates priced at 5 375 percent per annum for the 1 year repricing and 6 375 percent per annum for the 3 year repricing. Housing loan at pag ibig

Own your dream home in just 6 easy steps with the pag ibig fund housing loan. Those who are availing of pag ibig housing loans enjoy lower interest rates. Read more below and learn how to own your dream home with the pag ibig fund housing loan. Housing loan at pag ibig

Special interest rates on regular housing loans can be availed by pag ibig members until the end of the year presidential spokesman harry roque said. Members with less than 24 months contribution can still avail of the housing loan provided they pay in lump sum the needed number of contributions both employee s and employer s shares. Borrow up to p6 million at our lowest ever interest rates. Housing loan at pag ibig

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