Illinois Worker Compensation Law


Illinois worker compensation law – The illinois workers compensation act is available here as a word document or as a pdf document. You don t have to show anyone was negligent if you get hurt on the job.

The illinois workers compensation commission issued an emergency amendment monday that creates a rebuttable presumption for front line workers who contract covid 19 expanding the definition far.

Illinois worker compensation law – Illinois work comp is a no fault law. Illinois workers compensation act. To view the act on the general assembly website click here. Illinois worker compensation law

D to obtain compensation under this act an employee bears the burden of showing by a preponderance of the evidence that he or she has sustained accidental injuries arising out of and in the course of the employment. Although every effort was made to reproduce the act accurately in the word documents the general assembly version is the official version. Employers with one or more employees are required to obtain post notice of workers compensation insurance with limited exceptions ch. Illinois worker compensation law

It s a felony for an employer not to have workers comp insurance if they do business in illinois and have employees. Approved march 7 1917 as amended or the illinois workers compensation commission created by section 13 of this act. Employer must report injury to illinois workers compensation commission once employee misses more than three workdays ch. Illinois worker compensation law

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