Limited Liability Auto Insurance


Limited liability auto insurance – There are two kinds of liability coverage. No matter what you re doing in life whether you re running a business driving a rental car or even traveling you may come across the need to purchase limited liability insurance.

300 000 for injuries total for each accident.

Limited liability auto insurance – Bodily injury liability coverage sometimes abbreviated as bi if you re at fault for an accident that injures another person bodily injury liability coverage helps pay for their medical expenses. 100 000 for property damage for each accident. Medical bills and car repairs can be incredibly expensive and a split second could be. Limited liability auto insurance

Auto liability insurance covers damage to vehicles and injuries of others that result from an accident you caused are legally liable for is the fancy insurance term. You will usually see your limits on your insurance policy as three numbers such as 100 300 100. This type of insurance is actually a broad category that covers a wide variety of insurance policies that limit the amount you can collect often in exchange for paying a smaller premium up front. Limited liability auto insurance

If you had a policy with 100 300 100 liability limits you would be covered for. Bodily injury coverage covers medical costs funeral expenses lost income and pain and suffering of people injured by you. Liability car insurance is designed to pay for expenses when you cause an accident but it can come up short. Limited liability auto insurance

Auto liability insurance helps cover another person s medical expenses and property damage via these two types of coverage. 100 000 for injuries for each person. Limited liability auto insurance

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