Nationwide Non Owner Car Insurance


Nationwide non owner car insurance – Should an accident happen the insurance would help cover any damages you may be responsible for and non owners car insurance only costs an average of 300 to 500 a year depending on a variety of factors like credit score driving record marital status and location. The insurance covers bodily injury and property damage losses caused by both non owned vehicles such as employees cars as well as vehicles that are hired rented and even borrowed.

Non owners car insurance is for drivers who don t own a car.

Nationwide non owner car insurance – Nationwide offers non owner car insurance for drivers who don t own a car but still need to be insured. For example if you have a property damage limit of 10 000 and cause 15 000 in damages in a covered accident you are responsible for the excess 5 000. Management experts urge all companies to avoid that risk by purchasing non owned and hired automobile liability insurance which kicks in like traditional business vehicle insurance to absorb potential financial losses. Nationwide non owner car insurance

Non owner car insurance from nationwide is liability only coverage which means it only pays for bodily injuries and property damage suffered by the other driver in an accident for which you were at fault. A limit is the maximum dollar amount your insurance may pay per event. How much does liability car insurance cost. Nationwide non owner car insurance

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