Nurse Malpractice Insurance Cost


Nurse malpractice insurance cost – Get a free quote online. The same specialty practicing in philadelphia shelled out 25 000 for coverage while in miami dade florida the annual bill was 47 700.

The many benefits of nso malpractice insurance for nurses.

Nurse malpractice insurance cost – In some states a 1 million 6 million policy costs less than 100 per year. Students doing clinical work can get student malpractice insurance for as little as 30 per month. Proliability offers a range of coverage options depending on your industry and you can choose. Nurse malpractice insurance cost

Nurse malpractice insurance is surprisingly affordable. Legal representation legal fees paid in addition to the liability limits hipaa coverage 25 000 licensing board reimbursement 10 000 per incident 25 000 per policy period deposition expense 10 000 per policy period. Or 134 for registered nurses in florida. Nurse malpractice insurance cost

Comprehensive low cost plans every nurse can afford malpractice insurance that can help protect a lifetime of work. According to the ama research an internal medical professional practicing in the los angeles california area paid an average of 8 274 in annual malpractice insurance premiums in 2017. Nursing professional liability insurance malpractice coverage for nurses with premiums as low as 101 a year. Nurse malpractice insurance cost

For example an average of about 36 was paid in medical malpractice claims each year for each person living in new york from 2012 2016 whereas only an average of about 3 was paid each year for people living in wisconsin those years. Registered nurse rn liability insurance benefits coverage options up to 2 million per claim full consent to settle claims. Insures you up to the applicable limits of liability against covered claims arising from allegations of slander libel assault and battery and other alleged offenses committed in the performance of your professional services. Nurse malpractice insurance cost

Cm f makes your decision easy with the cost of registered nurse malpractice insurance starting at 102 per year for 1 000 000 in occurrence protection countrywide. Medical payments up to 25 000 per person up to 100 000 annual aggregate. Discounts for qualified association members. Nurse malpractice insurance cost

Medical malpractice insurance provides peace of mind to nurse practitioners registered nurses other healthcare professionals as well as wellness and fitness professionals. Of course rates will vary based on your location and the coverage amounts you select. Nurse malpractice insurance cost

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