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Tokenization of credit card – A token refers to a credit card number that is being stored somewhere. With tokenization the only data.

The 16 digits primary account number pan of the customer is substituted with a randomly created custom alphanumeric id.

Tokenization of credit card – The huge data breaches you hear about typically occur at merchants that store credit card data not the banks or payment networks that handle the card transactions. Tokenization can be used to safeguard data in a number of areas such as medical records banking and credit card payments. A token is nothing but alphanumeric id having no exploitable value or meaning or connection to the 16 digits primary account number pan of the customer. Tokenization of credit card

In the case of credit card tokenization the primary account number or pan of the customer is replaced with a randomly generated number which is called token. De tokenization is the reverse process of redeeming a token for its associated pan value. Tokenization in relation to payment processing demands the substitution of a credit card or account number with a token. Tokenization of credit card

Tokens can be stored by your credit card processor or can be stored by a tokenization service provider such as spreedly. Tokenization in relation to credit card payment processing involves replacing of sensitive credit card or account number with a token. Tokenization is often used in credit card processing. Tokenization of credit card

The pci council defines tokenization as a process by which the primary account number pan is replaced with a surrogate value called a token. Tokenization is a data security feature where a sensitive data element or set is effectively replaced with a non sensitive alternative called a token. In credit card tokenization the customer s primary account number pan is replaced with a series of randomly generated numbers which is called the token these tokens can then been passed through the internet or the various wireless networks needed to process the payment without actual bank details being exposed. Tokenization of credit card

To use it you will setup your website so that a 3rd party company will store the sensitive card information for you. Credit card tokenization is the process of de identifying sensitive cardholder data by converting it to a string of randomly generated numbers called a token similar to encryption tokenization obfuscates the original data to render it unreadable in the event of a data breach or other exposure. The token has no use and is not connected to an account or individual. Tokenization of credit card

This renders the data completely useless to exploitation. After that the number is passed through different wireless networks in order to complete the online credit card payment through the wallet. Tokenization replaces original card data with a unique generated placeholder or token because tokens are randomly generated and there is no algorithm to regain original information they have no meaning by themselves. Tokenization of credit card

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