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Unclaimed money life insurance – A recent government audit found most life insurance companies make little effort to trace or track down missing heirs even when it is known the policy holder is deceased. Trace a missing life insurance policy.

That process may take several years and doesn t begin until the insurance company is made aware of the passing of the insured.

Unclaimed money life insurance – As a result billions of dollars in life insurance benefits have gone unclaimed. One in four life insurance policies go unpaid on death of the insured because family members aren t aware a policy exists or don t know which company issued it. On 31 december 2015 this changed from 3 years. Unclaimed money life insurance

An unclaimed life insurance policy may be the result of incomplete or outdated beneficiary information which can make it difficult for the insurance company to track a beneficiary down. Because it is the job of beneficiaries to notify the life insurance company of a policy owner s death more than one quarter of all life insurance policy benefits go unclaimed because family members simply aren t aware a policy exists or don t know how to find it. Asic s unclaimed money search database goes back to 1952 for life insurance companies and back to 2000 for friendly societies. Unclaimed money life insurance

Some life insurance policyholders name a beneficiary but fail to provide their contact information which means the insurance company can t track down the beneficiary. As a result life insurers are holding billions of dollars in unpaid benefits. Asic holds money from life insurance policies from insurance companies or friendly societies that have been unclaimed for 7 years after the policy matures. Unclaimed money life insurance

To find out more see changes to unclaimed money laws on the asic website. Could you be among those owed money. What happens to unclaimed life insurance payouts depends on what type of policy was issued and whether or not it was paid up and in force at the time of death. Unclaimed money life insurance

Unclaimed life insurance policies also exist because the insurance company simply doesn t know that the insured person has died. Life insurers which paid out 784 billion in benefits in 2018 make efforts to find the rightful owners of unclaimed insurance policies says whit cornman a spokesman for the american council of. In general any unclaimed life insurance benefits like other lost money are turned over to the unclaimed property divisions of the states. Unclaimed money life insurance

The most common reason why life insurance policies go unclaimed is that the beneficiary listed on the policy isn t aware they are supposed to receive the money. Nationwide the amount owed is huge 7 4 billion so far. Unclaimed money life insurance

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