Virginia Reckless Driving Lawyer Cost


Virginia reckless driving lawyer cost – However the law was repealed a year later and this is no longer a potential consequence. As you can imagine there are a wide variety of fees that attorneys charge for virginia reckless driving.

There are actually several ways to reduce a reckless driving ticket in virginia.

Virginia reckless driving lawyer cost – In general my reckless driving defense fees are in the 1 000 to 1 500 range. What will a reckless driving lawyer in virginia cost. The hidden costs of a reckless driving charge in virginia. Virginia reckless driving lawyer cost

I charge a fair flat rate and i am always transparent about my fees. How much does attorney andrew flusche charge for virginia reckless driving defense. Beginning in 2007 virginia drivers convicted of reckless driving were forced to pay excessive fees 750 3 000 according to the law. Virginia reckless driving lawyer cost

Many attorneys will also offer an initial consultation completely free of charge. Here at the office of andrew flusche the exact fee i will charge for reckless driving defense depends on the specifics of your case. The penalties for a reckless driving conviction can be harsh. Virginia reckless driving lawyer cost

Reckless driving in virginia is a criminal class one misdemeanor offense. For most people a court appointed attorney is not a possibility. A traffic offense violator must understand that a high price does not most certainly guarantee high quality legal services. Virginia reckless driving lawyer cost

You should never choose an attorney based on the lowest available price. Ranging from fighting the validity of the traffic stop to arguing for reduced charges there are several options for you to talk over with an attorney before your court date. The costs vary from an lawyer to other however. Virginia reckless driving lawyer cost

In legal representation as with most things in life what you pay for is typically what you get. Hence if the defendant s family of four has an income of more than 25 000 20 000 x 1 25 then the defendant is too rich to get a court appointed attorney. The line for two people is 13 200 for three is 16 600 and for four is 20 000. Virginia reckless driving lawyer cost

In virginia convictions are permanent cannot be expunged and. Now that you understand why reckless driving charges should be handled by sound legal counsel from a legal perspective you must also consider the personal and professional fallout a reckless driving charge and conviction can create. Most advocates charge fees that are in the range between 500 to over 2000. Virginia reckless driving lawyer cost

Depending upon all those factors legal fees could vary from around 500 to 1 500 and even up to 2 500 in some areas. Reckless driving lawyer virginia. There are very good reasons for those differences. Virginia reckless driving lawyer cost

Generally a virginia reckless driving attorney will charge a flat fee for representation. Each lawyer sets his her own fee depending upon their availability experience the local market and other factors. The code of virginia includes various sections of law on what driving behaviors are considered reckless driving. Virginia reckless driving lawyer cost

Most of them revolve around similar pricing. I definitely don t charge anywhere near the high end of that. Ultimately you will need to decide what level of service and quality you would like for your reckless driving case. Virginia reckless driving lawyer cost

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